Grand Hotel casino review: what are their slot machines?

Grand Hotel casino review: what are their slot machines?

The island of Vanuatu, located in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean can without exaggeration be called a paradise for lovers of gambling and quiet recreation in a tropical climate. Gambling establishments are allowed on the territory of a small state, and for the convenience of tourists often casinos are located directly at the hotel complex.

Arriving tourists will meet the island with well-developed infrastructure and a wide range of hotels to suit every taste and budget. Lovers of gambling and comfortable accommodation will definitely like Palms Resort & Casino Vanuatu – a luxury hotel with a casino right on the territory of the complex.

How to get to the casino and the hotel from the airport

Take advantage of the local taxi service;
Wait for a shuttle bus from the terminal directly to the hotel complex gate;
Rent a car upon arrival at the airport, or use a similar service in advance through a tour operator.
Slot machines at Grand Hotel and Casino
Slot machines at Grand Hotel and Casino
Features of Casino Vanuatu

The gambling house starts its work in the early morning and works until the last visitor in the late night;
Guests are welcomed by over 60 different slot machines;
Poker and other card games as well as roulette tables are the most popular gambling games on the island;
Blackjack and Baccarat, and learning the rules of the game;
A bar with soft drinks.
The most popular are the slot machines. In addition to first-class slots for salon games, there are machines for video games and electronic games. The range of electronic games can play almost all analogues of board card games.

A feature of all slot machines, which so attracts visitors to the casino is the presence of progressive jackpots. Although the machines themselves do not allow you to win large sums, most players go home with the winnings.

Issue of the winnings is made by the machine itself. Tokens that fall out of the machine, it is easy to exchange in the walls of the casino for real money bills. Since the local currency on the island is recognized as cotton, you will get the winnings in local money. If you wish, you can exchange your wool for US dollars or euros at the casino or hotel.

What do you need to know before visiting Casino Vanuatu?

Local currency (VT) is accepted for bets and you can exchange your notes at the airport or directly at the casino;
Although there are no specific requirements for dresscodes, casino staff may reserve the right to refuse to allow some visitors whose appearance leaves much to be desired;
Anyone who wishes can take a quick training course in any game they like;
Visitors are provided with a wide range of slot machines, card tables and roulette and a 24-hour customer bar.
Casino and leisure

To take a break between games in the slots or relax after a hard game of baccarat does not interfere. A local bar near the casino receives visitors all night long. Here you can eat tightly, and also order light snacks and a bottle of good wine. The bar features live musical numbers with dancing.

Rest in exotic Vanuatu can be combined with trips to the casino at the hotel. In the evening, when the sun starts to sink into the sea, direct your feet to the magical land of excitement. Passion boils here, you can hear the roulette wheel toggling, slot machines singing temptingly. It’s so nice to try your luck and win a few thousand cotton.

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